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Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Wholesaler

There is nothing worse than walking onto a Christmas tree lot and seeing a lot full of brown faded trees. With Shatley Farms as your supplier, this will never happen. Not only do we supply Fraser Fir trees, which stay fresh and green longer, we deliver only the freshest, healthiest, and most pristine trees to your lot. Your customers take great pride and care when choosing a Christmas tree. It is a family event, something that is looked forward to every year. They search for the perfect tree, so should you. Shatley Farms carefully inspects every tree, making sure they are of the highest quality, ensuring the tradition of fresh-cut trees for Christmas lives on.

Fresh cut trees are good for the environment. Up to three trees can be planted for every one harvested, and even as seedlings, the trees are scrubbing carbon dioxide from the air and producing oxygen. What could be a greener business than growing Christmas trees? It’s a zero carbon emissions industry. The Christmas trees are infinitely renewable and no excess tree material is wasted at the farm. For the green-conscious consumer, a marketing strategy that shows how buying a fresh, live Christmas tree is great for the environment can be very effective. At Shatley Farms, we are very careful to be environmentally friendly from seedling until delivery.

While we are a high-capacity fulfillment tree provider, our reputation is only as good as our trees. We pass that on to the retailers that carry our trees; we want them to be as well-known for their lush Fraser Fir Christmas trees as we are.

The benefits of fresh cut trees cannot be overstated. There is a rich cultural heritage of families picking out and decorating the family Christmas tree together. This is the image you want to create with the trees you sell on your lot, an image of tradition and family bonding. But you have to have the right trees in order to evoke those emotions. When your customers walk onto your lot, they should remember the Christmases of their childhood – which includes the beautiful blue-green, fragrant, perfect conical trees featured in every Christmas movie. Shatley Farms can provide you with those trees; trees that will stay green and smell fresh until long after the holiday has passed.

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