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The Advantages of Fraser Fir Trees

When customers look for a classic Christmas tree, they are looking for a North Carolina Fraser Fir tree. Deep green, with thick foliage and soft needles, these trees embody the ideal image of the perfect Christmas tree that everyone thinks of when they think of the traditional, lighted trees of their youth. Besides being a beloved addition to every home’s holiday decorations, Fraser Fir trees offer a number of other advantages.

  • Deeper green color— most varieties of Christmas trees are green, but Fraser Fir trees are a richer, deeper blue-green color, and fade less. Our harvest plan is developed with the latest possible cut date to ensure “fresh from the field” color and quality is preserved.
  • Needle retention— there is nothing more annoying for a customer than a tree that loses all of its needles during the Christmas season. Fraser Fir trees have excellent needle retention, so they will look great on your tree lot and in your customers’ homes. Any experience that makes the tree a hassle will make your customers think twice about returning next year for another tree.
  • Softer needles— unlike other popular tree varieties, Fraser Firs have soft touchable needles, making them easier to transport, decorate, and then remove after the holiday. When people walk into your lot and feel the softness of the Fraser Fir foliage, they will instantly fall in love.
  • Strong branches— Fraser Fir has strong branches for holding heavy ornaments and lighting. Strong branches are better able to withstand transportation, both from the farm to your store, and from your store to your customers’ homes.
  • Resistant to temperature changes— this resistance makes these trees perfect for retailers in every part of the country. Whether you sell in Florida or in Michigan, the Fraser Fir tree will look and smell great.
  • Sustainable— because of their hearty nature, Fraser Fir trees can be easily transplanted and cared for. Their cultivation takes fewer tolls on the environment than the production of other trees.
  • Varying height— the natural conical shape of the Fraser Fir means they look great at two feet, or at fifteen feet. So whether your customers live in a single story home, and need something small to put in a corner, or want something large to soar into their vaulted ceiling, they can find what they are looking for in the Fraser Fir.

If your customers are looking for a beautiful and long-lasting Christmas tree, the Fraser Fir we provide will serve them well. Because they have fade resistant deep blue-green color, softer needles and stronger branches than other Christmas trees, they will stand up better to children and pets, as well as heavy elaborate decorations.

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