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Christmas Trees Wholesale in NC

The best Christmas trees in the world can be found in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. It is the perfect climate to grow natural fresh Fraser Fir trees, the greenest, fullest, most beautiful trees around. This region provides an appropriate environment for growing the nation’s favorite Christmas tree. We provide retailers around the country with the variety of Christmas tree that most people want for their holiday enjoyment.

What is it about this climate that is so perfect for growing Fraser Fir? The elevation and cold weather produce a hearty tree, a tree capable of withstanding transport to your lot and transport to your customer’s home, without losing its soft, evergreen needles. The cool air builds thick foliage, fragrant aroma, and strong branches, perfect for loading with ornaments, tinsel, and lights. Unlike other varieties, the North Carolina Fraser Fir will hold its color and needles from harvest until the end of the Christmas holiday season, - so when customers walk onto your lot, they won’t see any brown, faded trees. The Blue Ridge Mountains provide the perfect atmosphere for growing the perfect Christmas tree. Because North Carolina provides such a naturally conducive growing zone, the cultivation of our trees is much more environmentally-conscious. The trees have what all natural Christmas trees need—fresh air and good, rich soil.

And we don’t grow just a few perfect trees, we grow thousands. Shatley Farms is a major wholesale Christmas tree provider. In the unique Blue Ridge Mountain environment, we grow, harvest, and ship to- grade Christmas trees and evergreen products to your lot just in time for the retail season.

Why buy from Shatley Farms? Because we provide only high quality Fraser Firs, grown in a perfect environment ensuring a perfect tree. And that’s what you want— not just any kind of tree, but the kind of trees that everyone thinks about when they think about a real Christmas tree. Our farms in North Carolina and Virginia provide the right elevation and perfect temperature to grow excellent, high quality Christmas trees and other evergreen products for all of your customer’s holiday needs. Look no further than Shatley Farms for a supplier of Fraser Fir Christmas trees – we provide quality, service and value.

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